30 Days of Micro-Fiction – Prompt 1 Responses

Prompt 1 – Choose an article from a newspaper or magazine (online articles are fine) and use this as inspiration for a story.

DS Coremans, Forever Distracted By Life

Responses to Day 1 Prompt:

Six Word Story: (6 words)

“I am forever distracted by life.”

DS Coremans, Facebook – #FoDiByLi

I felt like this was the perfect starter for this challenge and this prompt. For those that have followed Forever Distracted By Life for a while you’ll perhaps recognise this image as one of my bio images used on the site since it first started in 2014.

A few of the six-word stories written on Facebook yesterday by other writers:

“He gazes at Earth, then writes.”

Daniel R, Facebook – #FoDiByLi

“Turn off your distractions. Be still.”

Karen T, Facebook – #FoDiByLi

“In calm surroundings, writing great things.”

Derek H, Facebook – #FoDiByLi

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Twitterature (280 characters)

Returned. Returned from death eternal. Returned to repeat our words. When last we lived we spoke our words in a language they could not understand. Now we sing. We sing an ancient song; retrieved from the gods. Now we sing. To be heard or ignored.

DS Coremans, Twitter

This was the article which I chose as my inspiration as directed by today’s prompt: https://apple.news/A6dYCmzqWR2mxH0Qr11cU_w

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Dribble to Drabble (50 – 100 words)

The sketch itself was in pencil. The detail had long since faded; not helped by his near obsessive review of this page in particular. It had been years since he last looked at the page in front of him now. Some of his grandfather’s original notion was gone but the sketch was there. There was no mistaking this sketch for the animal that stood before him now. The animal he had spent his career looking for and given up for extinct; here now to share with him his retirement. He placed the journal in his grandson’s hands.

“Your turn now.”

DS Coremans, 30 Days of Micro-Fiction, Day 1, Forever Distracted By Life

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