Villanelle – A Rose

When I gave my love a rose,
they used the thorns to make me bleed
and my heart, I had to close.

Now no feeling do I show;
I am just waiting to be freed,
when I give my love a rose.

Inside a darkness grows
and I hoard it with greed,
with my heart, which I have closed.

Darkness only ever slows;
a plant grown black from seed,
I gave my love a rose.

A wind that never blows
will still build and gather speed
like my heart, which is still closed.

When back at me they throw,
with no warning, will I heed?
I give my love a rose;
but my heart, I have to close.


Author’s Note:

I wrote this poem when I was angry; an emotion that I generally repress or misplace. Channelled into Villanelle form ‘A Rose’ speaks to me of the repeated mistakes we make in relationships, the lessons we never seem to learn through repetition. It is about closing ones self off to feelings in expectation of hurt.

This poem was used as inspiration for today’s Poetry Prompt.

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