Zanze – You Are Not Here

Now; you are not here to guide me.
Small decisions are hard to make.
I stand without you beside me;
I fear I might make a mistake.

Now you are not here to
offer your sage advice;
that which I learn is new
but comes at such a price.

Now you are not
physically here,
and I forgot
my path is clear.

Now you
can rest easy;
your time on earth is through.
Now; you are not here to guide me.


Author’s Note:

The first week of September gained a new significance for me two years ago, as it was over the first week of September 2018 that my family and I said goodbye to my mother.

Two years have passed; it feels as though I spoke to her yesterday, yet simultaneously, like it has been an eternity. Grief continues to consume me; defining me, as it will for the remainder of my life. This is only a testament to the love my mother brought into the lives of those she touched. It is that same love that has kept us going, bringing us to success and safety even without her guidance in person.

This poem was used as inspiration for today’s Poetry Prompt.

Picture Used Taken: Kilmahog, Scotland (April, 2011) ©DSCoremans

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