February Musings – Digging Deep

I feel like I am trying to do everything all at once. Everything is due within moments, nothing has been started, yet all must be finished. I do not know where to begin, every task is as important as the next, each stalled step leaves me further behind. Yet the more I have to do the less certain I am of any of my convictions. 

The little things are big, and the big seem insurmountable. I am but an ant before a mountain, on my own I have no power, the colony are separated from me and their needs drive me, but my actions seem insignificant. Do I dig beneath the earth to create my palace, or simply to build my tomb. The relentless need required assures me, in only that it quells my expectation of rest. 

Work requires attention; energy long since depleted, yet still I dig. A tunnel meant to contain may yet lead to freedom. 

Original Picture Taken: Stirlingshire, Scotland (November 2008) ©DSCoremans

Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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