Sonnet – Love Together

I tried to help, but did not understand
and so I cried; I was your distraction,
you stopped to console with loving action
your care, my love, offered with no demand.

With your support, upon my legs I stand
like I walk on ice; with you, my traction
carries me to our next interaction.
You are there regardless of what you planned.

We speak a language of our own design,
saying more with silence than with our words.
To you, I never have to say ‘I am fine,’
words I’ve said too often now sound absurd.

We are together, even when apart
we are love, shared between us from the start.


Author’s Note:

This poem was used as inspiration for today’s Creative Writing & Poetry Prompt.

Use either of the pictures provided as inspiration, or write a poem or short story about the relationship between a mother and her son.


This poem was written as a response piece to a blog post ‘Storytime: I’m fine’ written on one of my favourite blogs ‘My Rollercoaster Journey’. I love reading the posts on this blog as they are always incredibly insightful, relatable and honest. As a carer and guardian for a family member I have a limited insight into the relationship a parent may have with their child, but a relationship founded on love nonetheless. Even when the posts on ‘My Rollercoaster Journey’ speak of the pains and frustrations of raising a child, especially during this period of uncertainty and lockdown life, there is an inherent beauty to the pragmatic approach, and openness to learning as well as teaching that gives me a great deal of clarity in my own approach as a carer.

To be an effective carer one must be open to trying new things, to changing their approach when it fails, even if it worked one hundred times before, and most importantly: listening, to those around you and to the inner voice inside you which says, ‘but I am important too.’ Listen to that voice when it tells you this, be kind to yourself first and you will bestow that kindness upon others in abundance.

DSC 14/02/2021

Picture Taken: Florida, USA (September 2008) ©DSCoremans

Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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