May Musings – Shout Into the Void

"The words you say often mean less than your silence. Silence. The only thing people want to hear, other than their own words."DS Coremans Written: Monday 10 May 2021 - 16:08 Shout. Shout loud. Shout loud into the Void. The echoes will return. To you if no one else. The pain in knowing, that your... Continue Reading →

May Musings – I Care Too Much

"The crux of being a full-time carer for a family member, of the family I was born into, is that I will never have a family of my own."DS Coremans Written: Monday 10 May 2021 - 13:42 I’ll likely never work in care again. I have accepted this. Grudgingly. What makes it difficult is that... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Veneration

It’s been a while since I wrote a sonnetIn truth my confidence took a hard knockAs I realised I could barely talkAbout work without giving up on it Not for want of working, far from it;But having run, I find I have to walk.Or I will risk my place within the flockAs I try to... Continue Reading →

February Musings – Failure

Is there such a thing as failure if you can continue to try. Failed attempts, but of course, failed starts, failed projects? I wonder that these things are less certain. A failed start implies a sense of expectation of failure to begin, few go into ventures that they believe will fail, even when things go... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Love Together

I tried to help, but did not understandand so I cried; I was your distraction,you stopped to console with loving actionyour care, my love, offered with no demand. With your support, upon my legs I standlike I walk on ice; with you, my tractioncarries me to our next interaction.You are there regardless of what you... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Hold Your Tongue

Have I gone blind; or just lost sightof an unplanned destination?Having held my tongue I feel contrite. I am the darkest part of night;I have fed on hesitation.Have I gone blind or just lost sight? Spitting words like venom when I fight,I don’t speak of devastation.Having held my tongue I feel contrite. My bark is... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Like Atlas

Upon my shoulders the world has been placed;my burden, against my will and protest.I, a bird, return to an empty nest;my potential plundered, and then displaced. The badge I wear leaves me feeling disgraced,revolted by the skin in which I’m dressed.My path and progression have both been pressedand I am hollowed by my hate and... Continue Reading →

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