The Poetry Marathon 2021 – Hour 5

Cinquain – Memories

I cried

when you left me

with only memory;

the things which I had shared with you

are gone.


Today I am taking part in my third poetry marathon, an annual event in which poets from around the world come together writing one poem per hour for 24 hours using a variety of written and visual prompts.

Hour 5 and I ate a late lunch as I pondered this prompt. While the prompt was an interesting challenge, that could have been taken in a number of directions I came to realise I needed my first break and so chose a form I haven’t used for a while ‘The Zanze’, the end result was a somewhat more abstract poem, yet one which continued the theme of forgotten memories which has begun to emerge through the poems so far written today.

Senryu – Remember

Do you remember

me, as I remember you;

your face a shadow.


You can see the prompt for Hour 5 here, on The Poetry Marathon website.

You can also see my own Hour 5 poem here:

Tanka – Share With You

I would like to share

the story of my lifetime

but not now, later

when the leaves have fallen down

never more to grow again.


Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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