The Poetry Marathon 2021 – Hour 7

Senryu – Normal Life

Is my life normal?

No, when I think about it,

I guess it is not.


Today I am taking part in my third poetry marathon, an annual event in which poets from around the world come together writing one poem per hour for 24 hours using a variety of written and visual prompts.

Hour 7 and I decided not to fight the urge to have a break and stopped for dinner. This has put me a little behind in terms of posting, but I wrote the poems for this hour before stopping and as I’m hand writing the poems before typing them up this gave me a bit of time away from the screen as well as my desk.

The poem I wrote for this hour has a familiar melancholy which seeped in, a common theme when I write about the practicalities of life as a carer and guardian. This poem seems much more morose in tone than others from today’s Marathon but it still has a significant place in the theme of time as it deals with the ominous present which pandemic life has created.

You can see the prompt for Hour 7 here, on The Poetry Marathon website.

You can also see my own Hour 7 poem here:

Senryu – Normal

Normal is unique

to an individual.

So live your own life.


Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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