The Poetry Marathon 2021 – Hour 8

Senryu – Bildungsroman

Tale of adventure;

A hero faces a foe,

overcoming odds.


Today I am taking part in my third poetry marathon, an annual event in which poets from around the world come together writing one poem per hour for 24 hours using a variety of written and visual prompts.

Hour 8 Having taken a bit of time away to do some family support I have a couple of hours to catch up on. One of the books I’ve read this yer, which I’ll admit has been a somewhat arduous read is Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel ‘Kidnapped’. Assigned as part of a university modules reading list I admit now that I still haven’t finished the story cover to cover, even after thorough analytical study this year.

Never the less I enjoyed trying to write a summary of this style of story-telling in a variety of poetic styles, as you may be able to see fromm the resulting poems from this hour.

Tanka – Learning

Repeat gained knowledge

To reinforce the lesson

Pass the learning on

You will show you understand

More than you have ever learned


You can see the prompt for Hour 8 here, on The Poetry Marathon website.

You can also see my own Hour 8 poem here:

Limerick – Kidnapped (RLS)

A boy, turned man, makes a trip

but gets taken away in a ship.

He leaves in a hurry;

then through Scotland he scurries,

still at least he avoided the whip.


Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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