The Quarter Crazy – Poetry Marathon 4/4 2023

Event Date: 11 November 2023 9am EST (2pm GMT)

The Quarter Crazy is a Poetry Marathon run by Amanda Potter, a writer and poetess based in Florida, USA. Amanda has been running the Quarter Crazy since March 2020. The Quarter Crazy runs as four separate twelve hour events throughout the year, each event representing a quarter of the overall marathon. This will be the final Quarter Crazy of 2023, and now is the perfect time to join this growing community of creative minds and network with writers and poets from around the world. To join follow the links provided to the Quarter Crazy group page on Facebook before the 10th of November to ensure you have access to the page before the event. Prompts will be made available on the group page on the day of the event, and are uploaded each hour to inspire and guide those taking part.

What is a Poetry Marathon?

A Poetry Marathon is a creative endurance test. Writers from all around the world are invited to take part writing at the same time, to the same creative prompts, which are posted once per hour throughout the event.

Inspired by The Poetry Marathon, run by Caitlin Thomson and Jacob Jans ‘The Quarter Crazy’ is an adaption of this same event format.

The Quarter Crazy…twelve hours to myself doing what I love in the company of other people who enjoy wordsmith challenges. What could possibly be better?

Danielle Wong

Why take part?

The primary reason to take part in this event is to write poetry. You don’t have to have written poetry, or anything else before. This is a chance to try something new, with the support and guidance from a community of fellow creative individuals. Those with a little more experience are just as welcome to take part and can often share their insights in the feedback they give to other writers. This is not however a place for harsh critique, all poetry shared during the event will be in first draft form and any feedback given should focus on the positives.

At the end of the event you will have twelve new poems to be proud of and many people go on to publish some of these poems in literary magazines or other publications. Some even use their marathon poems to create a collection of their own.

There is no one way showcase your work and even if you just write one or two new poems throughout the day, you get a chance to read other writers work and network with them throughout the day and beyond. Creativity itself is rewarding, and though challenging, the rewards are returned the more we all invest together as a community of creative minds.

Quarter Crazy forms an exquisite team to encourage one another as they practice their exquisite art of communication.

Se Johnson, Author


Before the Marathon

The hourly prompts will be available on the Quarter Crazy Facebook group. To take part you should join the Quarter Crazy group page before 12pm on Friday 10th November 2023. Applications to join the group after this time may not be processed until after the event has been completed.

The Quarter Crazy is run voluntarily by only one person and the administration necessary to run this event means that on the day there will likely not be anyone available to process requests to join the page or help with technical requests, but all efforts will be made to make this event accessible to anyone who wants to take part.

Quarter crazy encourages the crazy in me. To dream, to write, to expand my creative energies in the company of my tribe of crazy creators.

Uma Vangal

During the Marathon

The poetry marathon begins at 9am EST (2pm GMT) on Saturday 11th November 2023.

12 Prompts, 12 Hours, One Prompt Per Hour

Write one poem per hour, using the prompt given as inspiration.

You can post your poems as a comment under the hourly prompts, but this is not mandatory. Sharing your work this way is a valuable way to engage with the other writers taking part in the event and by sharing your own work and commenting on the work of other writers there is an opportunity to gain feedback on your writing that may help you when you come to edit your work.

Poems can be any style, length or topic and you don’t need to use the prompts provided if you do not want to, the one thing asked is that you don’t write ahead. Writing for a sustained period of time is a challenge, and doing so over twelve hours can be both exhilarating and exhausting, but it is also enjoyable and exciting especially when you cross the finish line after a whole day of writing and knowing that you are one of many to have completed this challenge together.

Poets who fall behind can catch up, but should not write ahead of the next hourly prompt. During the marathon only one poem per hour is required but of course you are free to write more for any one prompt if you feel so inspired.

If anyone has any questions or would like any more information about the event contact

Recent Writing Prompts from #FoDiByLi

#FoDiByLi Poetry Prompt
#FoDiByLi Poetry Prompt
#FoDiByLi Poetry Prompt
#FoDiByLi Poetry Prompt
#FoDiByLi Poetry Prompt

Stay Inspired. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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