Many varieties of sonnet, of course, have been written over the ages.

Anne Stevenson

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Sonnet – #indyref22020-07-15
Sonnet – 8th September 2018
Sonnet – A Family in Need2018-11-22
Sonnet – A Mother
Sonnet – A. Trip2018-11-26
Sonnet – Brexit2018-11-16
Sonnet – Broken2019-07-04
Sonnet – Chris McQueer2018-11-15
Sonnet – Crafting a Sonnet2018-11-15
Sonnet – Fire2018-11-21
Sonnet – Formerly Known As Love2018-11-14
Sonnet – Forty-Eight Letters2018-11-22
Sonnet – Goodbye Mother
Sonnet – Happy Anniversary2018-11-22
Sonnet – Hear The Silence
Sonnet – His Hand He Did Lay2018-11-12
Sonnet – Lambs2020-07-07
Sonnet – Leaving Youth2020-02-26
Sonnet – Life Unlived2018-12-09
Sonnet – Like Atlas2021-02-12
Sonnet – Looking for Love2018-11-26
Sonnet – Lost Tradition2018-11-24
Sonnet – Love Together2021-02-14
Sonnet – Media Trends2019-06-15
Sonnet – Memories2020-08-24
Sonnet – Memory Fracture2020-09-02
Sonnet – Online Dating2018-11-12
Sonnet – On the Hills2019-07-09
Sonnet – Reality2020-08-26
Sonnet – Remember Me2019-07-08
Sonnet – Ronnie O’Sullivan2018-11-14
Sonnet – Science-Fiction2019-01-09
Sonnet – Science-Fiction2019-02-22
Sonnet – Sleepwalker2020-08-14
Sonnet – Struggle2018-11-14
Sonnet – The Donald’s Nightmare2018-11-21
Sonnet – This House2020-03-18
Sonnet – Tomorrow or Today2020-03-06
Sonnet – Too Much2021-02-08
Sonnet – Turn It Off, Then On Again2019-10-24
Sonnet – Veneration2021-02-15
Sonnet – War & Peace2020-03-22


“There are many things you can lie your way through; poetry is not one of them.” 

Nicole Lyons

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Free Verse

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Short Forms

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Senryu – #indyref22020-07-18
Senryu – Accept2020-02-28
Senryu – Actions I2019-07-10
Senryu – Actions II2019-07-10
Senryu – Ageing2019-06-14
Senryu – Broken I2019-07-04
Senryu – Broken II2019-07-04
Senryu – Childhood2019-02-19
Senryu – Childhood II2019-02-19
Senryu – Clutter2020-03-18
Senryu – Coffee II2020-03-05
Senryu – Corona I2020-03-17
Senryu – Corona II2020-03-16
Senryu – Creator2020-02-25
Senryu – Darkness2019-02-12
Senryu – Deep Lines2020-03-10
Senryu – Desire2019-06-11
Senryu – Destruction2019-02-15
Senryu – Disappear2019-06-12
Senryu – Empty2020-03-06
Senryu – Experience2019-06-14
Senryu – Faith2019-02-17
Senryu – Fear2021-02-12
Senryu – Forgive2019-02-21
Senryu – Grown I2019-07-08
Senryu – Grown II2019-07-08
Senryu – He’s Gettin’ It!2019-07-11
Senryu – Help2019-07-04
Senryu – History2019-06-15
Senryu – I Did What I Could2019-07-08
Senryu – Instinct2019-02-21
Senryu – Left Behind2019-02-16
Senryu – Life2019-02-11
Senryu – Listen2019-07-10
Senryu – Live Fast2019-06-13
Senryu – Loss2019-02-23
Senryu – Loss II2019-02-23
Senryu – Material Life2020-03-03
Senryu – Memories2019-07-08
Senryu – Memory2020-03-07
Senryu – Money I2019-07-05
Senryu – Money II2019-07-05
Senryu – Money III2019-07-05
Senryu – Moving Forwards2019-02-13
Senryu – Need2019-07-04
Senryu – Objects2020-03-20
Senryu – Opinions2020-03-11
Senryu – Paisley2020-03-11
Senryu – Passion2019-06-11
Senryu – Politics2020-07-15
Senryu – Purpose2020-03-02
Senryu – Question & Answer2021-02-15
Senryu – Ready or Not2019-07-11
Senryu – Repetition2019-05-09
Senryu – Representation2019-06-15
Senryu – Rest2020-02-19
Senryu – Scream2019-07-10
Senryu – Screams2019-02-17
Senryu – Society2019-07-04
Senryu – Stranger2020-08-07
Senryu – Style2020-02-29
Senryu – Success2020-03-01
Senryu – Suffer2019-06-12
Senryu – Sun2019-05-09
Senryu – Temptation2019-02-18
Senryu – Tig! You’re It!2019-07-11
Senryu – Time II2020-03-05
Senryu – Time III2020-03-09
Senryu – Today2019-01-08
Senryu – Today2019-06-13
Senryu – Us2021-02-14
Senryu – Waiting2020-09-05
Senryu – Within The Lines2020-03-16
Senryu – Words2021-02-14
Senryu – Words2019-02-18
Senryu – Words2019-07-10
Senryu – Words2019-07-11
Senryu – Writing In Hell2020-03-13

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“Impatience kills quickly.” 

Katerina Stoykova Klemer

Other Poetic Styles

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