Zanze: Your Words

Your words poison my heart and mind. You give no thought to what you say; Solace in meaning hard to find. For that which I regret I pray. Your words poison my heart, Just as they did back then. Love was neither the start; Nor predictable end. Your words poison Everything! They are noise in... Continue Reading →

Picture Prompt: Shadow

The Challenge: Using this picture as inspiration write a poem or piece of flash-fiction. There are no set themes or genres, just write if you feel inspired to do so. If you feel happy sharing your work, please paste it along with a link to your own work in the comments section and I will... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: Stress

Stress I’m feeling it today. Tension I didn’t feel myself carrying Until it was over. When I’m stressed, I revert to old behaviours. Old coping mechanisms. If I catch myself, Early, I can usually find my focus again. I lost my focus, And I slipped Into old behaviour. Newfound resolves, Too new to know When... Continue Reading →

19th May 2017

One year ago today, I was at the very beginning of a mental breakdown that led me to write this. I shared it on Facebook at the time, but the words seem so powerful still that I wanted to share them again. This time as a reflection, and a reminder of where I have come... Continue Reading →

Living Ghost

There was once a time where everything I did felt good. Now the things that once brought me joy chip away at my soul leaving me feeling like I am no longer a real person. Imagine how scary it is becoming a ghost when you are still living.


Today I feel…I don’t even know. Sometimes I tell people I am fine when really I am anything but. It is a lie but told for the right reasons. Other people don’t need to know that behind the smile, is a world of turmoil. Sometimes I tell myself I am fine when really I am... Continue Reading →


I am scared today. More scared than I was yesterday. A deadline draws nearer, and the closer I get the more the terror sinks in. Making me second guess everything I think, and everything I know. Wanting to offer up unnecessary apologies. Have I made a mistake? Decisions can be unmade just as easily as... Continue Reading →

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