Zanze: Your Words

Your words poison my heart and mind.

You give no thought to what you say;

Solace in meaning hard to find.

For that which I regret I pray.

Your words poison my heart,

Just as they did back then.

Love was neither the start;

Nor predictable end.

Your words poison


They are noise in

My worshiping.

Your words

Sound unrefined;

The song of tuneless birds.

Your words poison my heart and mind.


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    1. Thank you for saying Avi, I really appreciate it. Poetry for me is a chance to reflect on life; they are my interpretations of my own experience I’m glad they are relatable. 😊

      1. There are mainly three types of poets
        1. Who pour feelings into their emotions, most can relate.
        2. Who write virtual-feelings. They write smart. They write what doesn’t make sense but feels great.
        3. Who do not know what they write.

        I think you are 1.

        My sister, she is 2 :]
        So, I know they exist

        I used to be 3. Now, I am 1.

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