Villanelle – A Forgotten Friendship

I think of the many times I have soughtyour company; my desire before any otherI accept, it may seem that I forgot. You and the joy which you begot,a gift; giving me a chance to discover.I think of the many times I have sought something which to my life you broughtwithout ever being asked by... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: Repent From A High

Forcing down Those last sips of Gin, What had been A powerful high, Suddenly halted. The High had been Amazing; I had been lucid And aware, Egocentric And oblivious, Social and internal, Simultaneously. The moment. That sudden occurring Of the mood-killing, Sobering seconds in time. I suddenly feel Self-conscious And over-powered By my own self-doubt.... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Struggle

One of the hardest things I have to do, Is admit when I am finding it tough. I would rather struggle ever onward, When life gets harder, or when feeling rough.   If I stop, I may throw in the towel Giving up not just the worst, but the best Of me. I feel as... Continue Reading →

I Had To Ask

Three times I've met you in the last year and each time, I am incredibly glad I had the notion to do so. The more time I spend around you, the more time I want to spend around you. Hours in your company never quite seem like enough time and even the topics which might... Continue Reading →

Wake Up

When life becomes difficult, we as humans have an amazing ability to put our heads down and push forwards, regardless of how we feel. When the difficulties are short lived, we come out of the other side and brush ourselves off. Knowing that we have done well to make it to our destination. Sometimes the... Continue Reading →

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