February Musings – Broken

I feel broken, yet I’m not really sure why…nothing has changed. I have come to learn. Something that others have known far longer. I need time to grieve, for someone long since gone from my own life. I am full of sorrow for someone whose journey has ended, far too young, and I must face... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Passionate Fire

My passion burns for you like poison pulsing through my veins.You are fire, my love; your intensity enticing,you leave anger in my heart and little else remains. You couldn’t leave those little things and constantly complained.You are fire, my love; your ferocity frightening;my passion burns for you like poison pulsing through my veins. Like a... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Hidden in the Dark

It is still; dark outside,no signs of morningand in darkness we hide or new secrets confidewhich contain a warning:It is still dark outside. In the shadows, my pridefeels more like mourningand in darkness we hide. I regret that I lied;now to God I am turning.It is still dark outside but I have chosen my side.Now... Continue Reading →

Limerick – Pride

There once was a time when I cried;I said “I was fine,” but I lied.I needed supportbut felt truly ignored;now I know to be proud of my Pride. 2020©DSCoremans Picture Used Taken: Glasgow Green, Scotland (During Pride 2017) ©DSCoremans


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