Sonnet: His Hand He Did Lay

Upon my shoulder his hand he did lay, For just one moment, perfection today. Less than a second, eternity still, Night’s spent long dreaming for this very thrill.   We pass in a hallway, through me he looks Perhaps perfection, on my part mistook. I chastise myself, confidence shaken, Forget about love, yet unawakened.  ... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Online Dating

Swiping right, and often left discarded Unmatched, unwanted, broken hearted Profile pictures pass, feelings follow fast Love in the present, but lust in the past   'Hey, how’s it going? Up to much tonight?’ Incoming message the future seems bright A spark, a connection, unseen by sight Each message worth every megabyte.   Ghosted for... Continue Reading →

Personal Blog: The Beautiful Warrior II

Written on Tuesday, 18th September 2018: On the 8th September 2018 my mother’s physical journey ended. Where death for me has always come with a fear of nothingness, what her passing taught me is that the end of a physical existence is just the beginning of new existence. One in which the spirit and energy... Continue Reading →

19th May 2017

One year ago today, I was at the very beginning of a mental breakdown that led me to write this. I shared it on Facebook at the time, but the words seem so powerful still that I wanted to share them again. This time as a reflection, and a reminder of where I have come... Continue Reading →


I speak quite freely about my own personal beliefs to those who have the inclination to listen. I don’t believe in preaching my beliefs though as they are intrinsically my own and would likely not be as applicable to others as they are to me. That of course is I suppose the nature of belief.... Continue Reading →


Kintsukuroi : The Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted with gold silver or platinum powder. Have you ever broken something you love? A favourite coffee cup, a decorative vase or bowl, something that to you represented beauty, life or simply was an extension of yourself (if I were an action figure I’d... Continue Reading →

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