#FoDiByLi Poetry – I Fell in Love Again

Original Poetry by DS Coremans #FoDiByLi Sunday 19 June 2022 Senryu - A ReasonWill I ever havewhat other people seem to?A reason to live.2022©DSCoremans Cinquain - I Feel I feelpassionate nowand I hope to feel thisfeeling within me continueto grow.2022©DSCoremans Photo by Fadi Xd on Unsplash Pantoum - Unreasonable I am not an unreasonable person.I try to live... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: His Hand He Did Lay

Upon my shoulder his hand he did lay, For just one moment, perfection today. Less than a second, eternity still, Night’s spent long dreaming for this very thrill.   We pass in a hallway, through me he looks Perhaps perfection, on my part mistook. I chastise myself, confidence shaken, Forget about love, yet unawakened.  ... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Online Dating

Swiping right, and often left discarded Unmatched, unwanted, broken hearted Profile pictures pass, feelings follow fast Love in the present, but lust in the past   'Hey, how’s it going? Up to much tonight?’ Incoming message the future seems bright A spark, a connection, unseen by sight Each message worth every megabyte.   Ghosted for... Continue Reading →


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