#FoDiByLi Poetry – I Fell in Love Again

Original Poetry by DS Coremans


Sunday 19 June 2022

Senryu – A Reason

Will I ever have

what other people seem to?

A reason to live.


Cinquain – I Feel

I feel

passionate now

and I hope to feel this

feeling within me continue

to grow.

Photo by Fadi Xd on Unsplash

Pantoum – Unreasonable

I am not an unreasonable person.
I try to live life like everyone else;
but I am always left uncertain.
I have no faith within myself.

I try to live life like everyone else
doing all that I can to get by;
I have no faith within myself
and often I hang my head and cry.

Doing all that I can to get by
it just never seems to be enough
and often I hang my head and cry
because I am tired of acting tough.

It just never seems to be enough
and I can see no other way to be;
because I am tired of acting tough
and only love will set me free.

No. I can see no other way to be.
I am not an unreasonable person
and only love will set me free;
but I am always left uncertain.


Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Sonnet – I Fell in Love Again

So it would seem I have fallen in love again,
despite the bands of hurt around my heart.
I gave myself to love right from the start;
but, I admit that we should have been friends

because starting in lust it always ends
as quickly as it began. You will part,
cast aside, an unfinished work of art.
You admit what you had was just pretend.

Just that moment of love felt like enough
to prove that I could have, like all others,
the right to feel that I am important too.
But, reality does not feel like love;
like the gentle caress of a lover,
it is course, it is cold, and it is true.


Author’s Note:

Falling in lust is one of the easiest things in the world to do. Falling in love is next to impossible.
I have long wanted to be loved, like everyone else; it is both a source of hopeful passion and hopeless pain. An eternal and enduring desire to find that most passionate fire, which burns without fuel or ignition.

I love like I play poker, I go all in at the start and just as I become hopeful to have found someone to give myself to I find I am already haunted by yet another ghost. A person who only ever existed on a screen, notifications left unread. I could send another message, but every box of words becomes a desperate plea for attention that I know deep down was always going to go ignored. It is time to move on again, to keep looking, to keep hoping and pray that my heart is ready when the screen lights up again.

“Don’t you be so nice to me; I fall in love so easily.”

Waylon Jennings
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Online dating is hard because even when two people connect the relationship they have built exists only within their minds, or within the confines of a screen. We create the people we want to love rather than learning who people really are.

While is sometimes easier to ignore that unread message rather than engage with the person you no longer feel that desire to discover it is always worth remembering that no matter how superficial the experience that another person exists on the other end of a screen, another person who waits in hope for something that may never come.

It is always better to say goodbye, than to leave someone waiting forever for a reply.



Triolet – In Love

I have fallen in love.

I wish I had not;

for love is not enough

but I have fallen in love.

While blinded by my lust

the rules I set myself, forgot

so I have fallen in love

but I wish I had not.


Haiku – Natural Feeling

My sadness is rain;

my love is light, and my lust

is the darkest night.


near Lockerbie, Scotland (September 2009) ©DSCoremans

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  1. I’ve wondered (and pondered over) lust vs love, many times. I used to think lust was the hook that got us into relationships. Then it became our job to determine whether the relationship could sustain over time; in other words, to become “love” (whatever that is). I knew a man once who said, “Love is simply what happens when two people have compatible dysfunctions.” I thought he was a terrible cynic. Over time, however, although I’d probably word it differently, I’m beginning to understand what he meant.

    1. I come back to explore the dichotomy between love and lust more than most other topics.

      I’ve come to see both as separate but necessary parts to finding one’s self a lasting relationship.

      One of these days I’ll figure it out, but like all things I’m sure it will take me a lifetime to master.

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