Rhyming (Off) Couplets – Hard Rhymes (Come and Go)

The Challenge: to write a poem rhyming words like breadth.My First instinct; to write a poem about death, but this of course has been done before, round in a circle.So, we are jumping to a new theme, like jumping a hurdle. My inspiration seems as dry as the desertbut I’m six lines in it is... Continue Reading →

Rhyming Couplets – Should I

Should I wish myself thin;Should I beg to be rich?Should I cheat so I win;Should I act like a bitch? Should I throw in the towel;Should I rely on fate?Should I sleep like an owl;Should I go to bed late? Should I cry when I’m sad;Should I smile when I’m happy?Should I yell when I’m... Continue Reading →


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