Rhyming (Off) Couplets – Hard Rhymes (Come and Go)

The Challenge: to write a poem rhyming words like breadth.
My First instinct; to write a poem about death,

but this of course has been done before, round in a circle.
So, we are jumping to a new theme, like jumping a hurdle.

My inspiration seems as dry as the desert
but I’m six lines in it is too late to restart.

Get to the end and you’ll feel like a Monarch;
just hide those off-rhymes, like a deceptive card shark.

I could keep going, but it could take a month
and if I’m honest, I’d rather get lunch;

but if I stop now, you won’t see a rhyme for orange.
So to finish things off, I will have to arrange

a chance to win gold, bronze or silver
in a competition, where the rules are unfamiliar.

With wisdom, grace and by my virtue
I do intend, this full poem to get through

by rhyming difficult words such as wisdom.
Luckily, saved till last, with this word I am done.


Author’s Note:
This was a really fun poem to write, and start to finish was put together after a lecture last year for a tutorial later that afternoon. While the poem ended up being quite silly and quirky, I really liked this as silly poetry is not always my go to style.

Writing using only off-rhymes is much harder than you would initially think, I found myself working very hard to find the right word for each of these words with no rhyme. The other writers and poets I study with chose wildly different words; but their inflections, dialects and emphasis made most words work in their given context.

This poem was used as inspiration for today’s Poetry Prompt.

Picture Used Taken: Skye, Scotland (April, 2010) ©DSCoremans

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