Rhyming Couplets – Should I

Should I wish myself thin;
Should I beg to be rich?
Should I cheat so I win;
Should I act like a bitch?

Should I throw in the towel;
Should I rely on fate?
Should I sleep like an owl;
Should I go to bed late?

Should I cry when I’m sad;
Should I smile when I’m happy?
Should I yell when I’m mad;
Should I shout or be snappy?

Should I learn everyday;
Should I work hard or play?
Should I just walk away;
Should I stay; just one more day?

Should I grow to be old;
Should I forget my youth?
Should I always feel cold;
Should I admit the truth?

Should I spill my own blood;
Should I blacken my eye?
Should my emotions flood;
Should I; should I; should I?


Author’s Note:

“Should I” is another poem of turmoil and indecision which was written as I was struggling to find balance in my life. A month before lockdown was announced and the world was already showing signs of times to come; but at this point life in lockdown was just a worst case scenario that I’m not sure we really believed in yet.

Six months later, and while the turmoil and indecision remains, life and the world seem incredibly different.

DSC – Sunday, 23 August 2020

Picture Used Taken: Alva Glens, Scotland (May, 2018) ©DSCoremans

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