Zanze – The Pregnant Moon

The pregnant moon has birthed a star;
a light to guide us through the dark,
under which we will travel far.
This new life an unending spark;

the pregnant moon has birthed,
new opportunity,
as yet to be unearthed.
Without immunity

the pregnant moon;
nearing her time.
Child coming soon
serene, sublime.

she swells with strength,
nature’s gift is regnant,
a lasting gift a lifetime’s length.


Author’s Note:

I don’t recall the inspiration for this poem, but do recall the words ‘the pregnant moon has birthed a star’ which I read and stayed with me.
Written shortly after discovering the ‘Zanze’ form I enjoy the imagery in particular which this poem contains.

I used this poem as my inspiration for today’s Poetry Prompt.

Picture Used Taken: Alva, Scotland (April, 2018) ©DSCoremans

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