Poetry Prompt – 01 Sept 2020

Tuesday 01 September 2020

Use the picture provided as inspiration
or write a poem using slant (or off) rhymes.

For an extra challenge consider using any or all of the following words in your poem.

breadth – circle – desert – monarch – month – orange – silver – virtue – wisdom

DS Coremans, Forever Distracted By Life

Author’s Note: ‘Slant’ or ‘off-rhymes’ are word pairings which are used in rhyme. The words themselves do not rhyme, but are ‘almost’ rhymes or near misses. A slant rhyme can be used when no rhyming word is available to maintain the sound and feel of continuity in a poem which uses rhyme.

e.g. orange/arrange – card/laird – cabbage/radish

Picture Used Taken: Skye, Scotland (April, 2010) ©DSCoremans

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