30 Days of Micro-Fiction – Prompt 2 Responses

Prompt 2 – Write a story from the perspective of something which cannot move.

DS Coremans, Forever Distracted By Life

Responses to Day 1 Prompt:

Six Word Story: (6 words)

“My siblings once stood beside me.”

DS Coremans, Facebook – #FoDiByLi

Trees which stand on their own fascinate me. Life abundant where little else grows shows us that we can put our roots down anywhere and grow. Looking at this picture though, I couldn’t help but picture this tree as part of a forest. A forest that is no longer there. A sole survivor in an otherwise barren land.

A six-word story written on my Facebook for today’s prompt by another writer:

“My seedlings once stood beside me.”

Phil C, Facebook – #FoDiByLi

I was greatly inspired by this continuation of my own six word story. I had considered the trees that came before and with this lonely tree, but not the trees that could have come from it. I had this thought in mind when I wrote today’s Drabble.

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Twitterature (280 characters)

I stand now where I have done forever. My eternity, insignificant to others. I stand alone, where once my family stood beside me. Shoulder to shoulder; no more. I am alone. My leaves have long since fallen never to return. I wait only to join my family. I wait alone.

DS Coremans, Twitter

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Dribble to Drabble (50 – 100 words)

I stand. I stand as I have grown. My limbs are gnarled and bare. The sky is blue and the sun is hot. My skin is as dry as my heart; that hollow husk within me. All that I would ever be, have been, and will continue to be came from a single seed. A seed dropped without purpose; I grew in spite of a stronger parent’s shade. That parent has long since rotted away before me; as have all of my own children. My sickly children; sprouted and withered in the barren soil where I stand. Until I fall.

DS Coremans, 30 Days of Micro-Fiction, Day 2, Forever Distracted By Life

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