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For a while, I have been trying, to find within me some semblance of synchronicity and balance. After months of an unintended and sedentary lifestyle my mind feels like it has begun to atrophy along with my body. Now it is September and I must begin to prepare for my return to University after five months away. Before returning for my second year of study I wish to stretch and warm myself mentally in preparation for the coming academic year.

Lately, I have made a continued effort to post regular poetry prompts, along with my own work. I have also been planning a month of writing prompts specifically to challenge myself to write more micro-fiction, and fiction generally. Though I have been planning this for about a fortnight; naturally life got in the way when it came time to arrange the initial posts and so the Day 1 Prompts and Responses for ‘30 Days of Micro-Fiction’ went up a little later than I’d have liked.

Despite this I did manage to get them out, as well as setting up the prompt for Day 2 this morning, giving myself a little more writing time today. Normally I would be kicking myself for not meeting my own expectations, I’d let the funk set in or would give up entirely. However ‘30 Days of Micro-Fiction’ was not a promise to be broken, but a commitment. A commitment to myself and no-one else; and this change in perspective was all I needed to catch up with my original plans.

If you’ve seen any of my prompts so far, or do so in the future I would love if you shared any writing that you may be inspired to write. I share my work regularly on most platforms along with the hashtag #FoDiByLi so follow me on whichever platform you’d most prefer and let me know what you think of the prompts. If you have any suggestions for future prompts share them with me along with your social media tags.

Above all else, in these trying times do something each day that is just for you and no-one else.

Happy writing. Stay safe. Stay distracted.



Picture Used Taken: Florida, USA (September, 2008) ©DSCoremans

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