Free Verse – The Mirror

Now, when I look, deep
within your eyes
my dearest friends
I see

only myself
reflected back.
As if the surface
of your eyes
are but a looking glass.

At first
I am shocked
that such an ornate mirror
has been shattered;
fractures mar
this reflective surface.

I stare longer,
too long perhaps,
and I see
that it is not
the mirror
which is broken
but myself.

Seen through
your eyes,
which know me best
all I can see
are the broken pieces,
held together
by love

and little else.

I have seen my own fragility;
I can bear it no longer,
I close my eyes,
I look away.


Author’s Note:

This poem was used as inspiration for today’s Poetry Prompt.

DSC 02/12/2020

Picture Used Taken: Stirling, Scotland (April, 2014) ©DSCoremans

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