Sonnet – Veneration

It’s been a while since I wrote a sonnet
In truth my confidence took a hard knock
As I realised I could barely talk
About work without giving up on it

Not for want of working, far from it;
But having run, I find I have to walk.
Or I will risk my place within the flock
As I try to hide while staying honest

I turned my attention to learn new things
Knowing that as I learned each new lesson
My knowledge would soar like a bird on wings
Free to leave; only a last impression

For I do not desire veneration
I look instead for authorisation


Author’s Note:

This poem was used as inspiration for today’s Creative Writing & Poetry Prompt.

Use either of the pictures provided as inspiration, or write a poem or short story about something you have learned within the last year.


I wrote this poem almost a year ago under similar, but very different circumstances. It seems just as apt now as I’m sure it felt at this time I wrote it, but almost a year of self-isolation later and the depth of this poem has only increased. What a strange time we live in, what a strange time.

The pictures from this prompt were both taken on the same day while on a trip to the Samye Ling Buddhist temple located in Dumfries, Scotland. Samye Ling was, I believe, the first temple founded in the West and is a beautiful space to visit, contemplate and reflect. I visited the temple with a dear friend a number of years ago shortly after we both met and the trip and the experience of visiting this space solidified our friendship and my own relationship with the universe and the divine.

DSC 16/02/2021 

Picture Taken: Samye Ling, Dumfries, Scotland (September 2009) ©DSCoremans

Picture Taken: Samye Ling, Dumfries, Scotland (September 2009) ©DSCoremans

Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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