The Poetry Marathon 2021 – Hour 9

Tanka – Good Advice

The words I live by,

“be bloody, bold and resolute”

you need only try,

don’t be afraid to refute;

much wisdom in asking ‘why?’


Today I am taking part in my third poetry marathon, an annual event in which poets from around the world come together writing one poem per hour for 24 hours using a variety of written and visual prompts.

Hour 9 This prompt was really fun, and I immediately knew which cliché I wanted to use. In my bedroom (in the flat I haven’t stayed in for about two years, but still there none the less) is a clock emblazoned with the mantra “live each day as though your life had just begun.” I love these words and the sentiment behind them, they make me think of Wilfred Owen’s ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ another mantra I find I am drawn to. The call of spontaneity and creativity are strong urges I balance with duty and honour each day and these poems explore this balance well.

Senryu – Questions

I try not to ask

until I am almost sure

I know the answer.


You can see the prompt for Hour 9 here, on The Poetry Marathon website.

You can also see my own Hour 9 poem here:

Cinquain – Your Strength

Don’t fret,

find happiness

within you lies strength

that you will need to carry on



Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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