Quarter Crazy Poetry Marathon September 2021 – Hour 6

Haiku – Dreams

Do your dreams control,

your waking thoughts and actions

influence your dreams.


Today is the third Quarter Crazy Marathon of 2021.

The Quarter Crazy is a twelve hour writing event where writers from all around the world write one poem per hour using a prompt uploaded hourly to the Quarter Crazy Facebook group as inspiration for their poems. The event is more than just a writing experience, yes at the end of the day participating poets will have twelve brand new poems to take pride in; but for many of us, taking part is an opportunity to network with a number of like-minded individuals. By reading, writing and commenting on the other poets work during and after the marathon we as poets grow and learn from one another as much as we do from our own writing. Writing is not a right for only the elite few deemed successful by society and sales figures; writing is a intrinsically, profound experience that all of us should embrace and events like the Quarter Crazy remind us that we are all together in this world and that the only barriers that we face in life are those that we hold within ourselves. Join the Quarter Crazy group and the Quarter Crazy Marathon public page on Facebook to stay up to date with the events that run quarterly throughout the year. Join us for the last Marathon of the year later in the year, read and comment on today’s poems if you join the group to show the brave participants who have shared their work that you have enjoyed their writing and help them celebrate the achievement of taking part in this amazing creative event.

Triolet – Control

I am in control,

or so I tell myself.

With die in hand I roll;

I am in control,

fate is rather droll,

a miser blessed with wealth.

I am in control

or so I tell myself.


Hour 6

Generally speaking I try not to listen to music with lyrics when I am writing, although that rule is not hard and fast. My reason however is that I am a very literal thinker and once I hear an idea this become a concrete thought which I find harder to reinterpret as my own.

I heard the first line of this song prompt and then stopped the track, I had all I needed and quickly settled on the Villanelle form, my own personal favourite poetic form. The result was a poem which seemed to explore the ethereal and intangible world of dreams.

As a lucid dreamer I am very inspired by dreams and often try to interpret my dreams via my creative writing.

How much control do we have over our dreams; an dhow much control do our dreams have over our waking lives…this was the theme the companion poems began to explore during this hour.

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Villanelle – All the Thoughts

I get all these thoughts
which keep me keeping on
on a journey which never stops.

Some I already forgot,
some have stayed for far too long.
I get all these thoughts.

I wait until the penny drops,
until we slowly drift along
on a journey which never stops.

The longest held may rot,
but still the roots are strong.
I get all these thoughts.

Growing like Autumnal crops,
my summer somehow slips along
on a journey which never stops.

Dreams drift to the top,
I write even if they’re wrong;
I get all these thoughts
on a journey which never stops.




Photo by Teodor Terziev on Unsplash

To see the prompts and the poems written during this hour join the Quarter Crazy group page on Facebook.

Cinquain – Dreams

My dreams

become my world;

a place where I escape,

but even there I am not free

to live.


Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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