Sonnet – Each To Their Own

Senryu - AloneWe are not alone;bemoan, we are still at home,we cannot atone.2021©DSCoremans Sonnet - Each To Their Own Each to their own. Alone. Dog with a bone. Never give in; a sin, where to begin. Draw lose or win. Too thin; take on the chin, watch your tone. A stone. The duke wears a... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – We Say Goodbye

Triolet - Love Goes OnOur love goes oneternally strongeras the day is longour love goes on.It may feel wrongas days grow longerbut our love goes on,eternally stronger.2021©DSCoremans Villanelle - We Say Goodbye With a heavy heart, we say goodbye knowing we will see you once more. For now, for you, we pray and we cry.... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Sheena Blackhall

Senryu - Learning and GrowingI learned in my youthall that I needed to knowit took time to grow2021©DSCoremans Sonnet - Sheena Blackhall I could have picked Burns, perhaps Walter Scott, but then I remember Norman MacCaig. All have inspired me, I never forgot their meaning, even when the words are vague. But then I remember... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Run the Race

Senryu - AwayIf I run awayfrom you, will you look for meor watch me vanish.2021©DSCoremans Villanelle - Run the Race I walk the race at a steady pace; I am always last to finish, but at least I get to run the race. I have tried so hard to find my place where my shine... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Forgotten

Triolet - Isolation WithdrawalWhat have I missed mostas I stay in isolation?Not feeling like a ghost.What have I missed most?Abandoning my post,never a consideration.What have I missed mostas I stayed in isolation?2021©DSCoremans Sonnet - Forgotten Pictures of you cavorting in the sun side-by-side with everyone you have missed. Gladly embracing and sharing a kiss; distance... Continue Reading →

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