Sonnet – Sheena Blackhall

Senryu - Learning and GrowingI learned in my youthall that I needed to knowit took time to grow2021©DSCoremans Sonnet - Sheena Blackhall I could have picked Burns, perhaps Walter Scott, but then I remember Norman MacCaig. All have inspired me, I never forgot their meaning, even when the words are vague. But then I remember... Continue Reading →

A Quarter Crazy! (Hours 10 – 12)

I may now be a Quarter Crazy, but I am completely done with my first half marathon organised by the team at Quarter Crazy. I didn't expect to struggle so much; but tiredness kicked in hard just after the halfway mark and the last few hours were tough but wonderfully exhilarating to complete.The most significant... Continue Reading →

A Quarter Crazy! (Hours 7 – 9)

I am now officially 3/4 of the way through today's Quarter Crazy Poetry Marathon.I lost almost all of hour seven to my brother's bedtime routine. The prompt for hour 7 was especially interesting and the poem that this resulted is one that feels both powerful and disjointed. Catching up was a lot of fun though... Continue Reading →

A Quarter Crazy! (Hours 4 – 6)

So far I am still going strong in my first Quarter Crazy; although I admit hour five was tricky. I can't quite believe that's the halfway point already, but am also very tired already as well. It's always really interesting to see how tiredness affects the content of the poems written during a long writing... Continue Reading →

A Quarter Crazy! (Hours 1 – 3)

Today I am taking part in my second poetry marathon of the year. The first was a 24 hour event which I thankfully managed to complete and led me to finding another to take part in, much like a runner the buzz left me wanting more.Much like the earlier event this year poets from all... Continue Reading →

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