Remembering Her – The Beautiful Warrior: Three Years On

New Poetry by Scottish Writer DS Coremans #FoDiByLi

Sunday 19 September 2021

Senryu – Still Here

You are still with us

as ever you were before;

your presence still strong.


Villanelle – Three Years

Three years, too many, already.
Without you here to guide us
we have become little more than steady.

I know we would never have felt ready,
but you made sure we still have your love
after three years, too many, already.

The grief we carry still each day is heavy,
like you we bear our load with little fuss,
but we have become little more than steady.

Still, we drift into danger of the water’s eddy
which may yet pull us under, or concuss
with the weight of three years, too many, already.

When I feel lost and at my most unsteady,
I think of late nights and long hours we discussed
before becoming little more than steady.

My morose and melancholy mood feel petty,
for you left us love enough that we may adjust,
in time perhaps another three years, already
we hope we may become a little more than steady.


Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash

Fib – With Us



you here;

I miss you

but I have never

doubted that you are with us still.


Haiku – Leaves

Fallen leaves feed trees,

like memories feed mourners,

remembered with life.


Author’s Note:

My mother died on a Saturday at 08:00 exactly on the 8th September 2018. On the 19th of that same month she was cremated at a small gathering, only a handful of the people whose lives she touched were able to come that day to say goodbye to her body.

September has been a hard month ever since, not just in that it marks another year without her companionship, but in it’s nature September is a transitory time in nature and in life.

New school years parallel the end of Summer and the start of Autumn and in my mother’s transition from earth bound to physical we are reminded of her divinity which we experienced in her time on earth in the way that we continue to mourn her even now.

Our grief has changed of course, as is the nature of grieving it is not as Kubler-Ross’s model suggests a straight forward process, an attainment of stages but is in it’s nature an ocean, and the stages of grief come and go like the tide.

“Grief is not a disorder, a disease or a sign of weakness. It is an emotional, physical and spiritual necessity, the price you pay for love. The only cure for grief is to grieve.”

Earl Grollman

Another year without her here to guide us, but I think on all we have done as individuals and as a family without her and I know that she would be immensely proud.

Trying to find the right words to say just how much she meant to us all leaves me feeling laconic and uncertain, realising that sometimes words are not enough to break that barrier between our place here on earth and the heavens we can only dream of.

I say then, then only words that matter: I love you mum, the the moon and back.



Cinquain – Just Once More


a word I said

one thousand times before,

but I wish I could say ‘Hello,”

just once.


Triolet – Goodbye, again

Saying goodbye was a lie

because you never really left.

I admit with no shame that I cry.

Saying goodbye was a lie.

I question why you had to die,

leaving your family bereft.

Saying goodbye was a lie

because you never really left.


Sonnet – An Ode to My Mother

Three years ago we gathered in your name;
a last goodbye, your spirit would transcend,
not gone, but then your bodies journeys end.
Those you left behind will never be the same.

As we remember you we feel no shame
to borrow from your love, the strength to lend,
during times we struggle to comprehend,
memory quells the grief we cannot tame.

Our grief is still there, it has grown and changed
as we have, who think of you with longing.
We may change, but your memory remains
without your presence, our lives rearrange
as you guide us still to find our calling
and joy, which thanks to you our lives contain.


Photo by Josh Miller on Unsplash

Haiku – Goodbye

The tree says goodbye

to each leaf that falls away;

they grow together.


Senryu – To The Moon

I love you; always

to the moon and back again,

more than words can say.


Recent Poetry from #FoDiByLi

Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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