Poetry: Zanze – Back Where I Belong

New Poetry by Scottish Writer DS Coremans #FoDiByLi

Thursday 23 September 2021

Senryu – Reason

Reason is a gift

we only receive after

we have come to terms.


Cinquain – Try Again


the only way

we move forward again

is to return to the start point.

Try again.

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

Zanze – Back Where I Began

Now I am back where I began;
in a place of more firsts than lasts.
I learned to walk before I ran,
yet time was always running fast.

Now I am back where I
feel as though I belong.
As long as I can try
I know it makes me strong

Now I am back
but not for long.
To stay on track,
to right my wrongs.

Now I
may understand
why in the past I cried;
now I am back where I began.


Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Diamante – End & Beginning

The End;

closer, harder,

approaching, learning, growing.

Hard to avoid. Avoidance is harder;

thinking, planning, doing,

easier, faster.



Author’s Note:

One of these days I may just figure out how to get organised. Today however, is not that day.

I didn’t give thought to it when I shared yesterday’s poem, but I found upon reflection that the sonnet I shared yesterday ‘Rest Required’ and the sonnet I wrote and shared earlier in the week ‘Do Nothing’ were linked by an inherent call to rest and reflect.

I read through my resting work and found the Zanze ‘Back Where I Began’. It reminded me that sometimes the best way to go forward is to look back, and that it is often in reflection that we find new understanding within ourselves.

It is never too late to begin processing how we feel or felt about something that had significant impact upon us, whether we recognised this at the time or not. Not because we aspire to lose ourselves in what may have happened, but because we are ready to accept that things are the way they are and that we are the people we are as a result of our experience.

“Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, “It might have been.” 

Kurt Vonnegut
Taken near Dumfries, Scotland (September 2009) ©DSCoremans

The companion poems carry on this theme of finding insight within hindsight and offer the reasoning for me speaks to me accepting that sometimes rest is required. That it is in sitting still and reflecting that we can truly change. Like a caterpillar who spends its life preparing for transition, contains and confines itself only to emerge more beautiful and complete than it had been before.

Rest often, rest easy, rest well. When you are ready emerge beautiful and true. 



Triolet – Lessons Learned

Some lessons bear repeating

as many times as needed.

A lost lamb, loudly bleating;

some lessons bear repeating,

don’t blame the bear for eating,

in survival succeeding.

Some lessons bear repeating

as many times as needed.

Photo by drmakete lab on Unsplash

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Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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