Sonnet – Forgotten

Triolet – Isolation Withdrawal

What have I missed most

as I stay in isolation?

Not feeling like a ghost.

What have I missed most?

Abandoning my post,

never a consideration.

What have I missed most

as I stayed in isolation?


Sonnet – Forgotten

Pictures of you cavorting in the sun

side-by-side with everyone you have missed.

Gladly embracing and sharing a kiss;

distance between you now over and done.

Forget the fear, it’s now time to have fun,

your uncovered faces shining with bliss.

How quickly we forget the names on the list,

those who fought the virus but never won;

those left waiting, still behind blackened glass.

No help coming they slip into the past,

the place in which they have been left behind;

Promised that if they stayed safe this would pass.

Weeks, then months, then years; how long will this last

for the the few to whom the many are blind.


Senryu – Lost in time

Forgotten; in time,

I may be remembered yet,

but I have been lost.


Author’s Note:

Living in lockdown is difficult. This is something with which I doubt anyone would disagree. Yet, as my family and I approach our 18th consecutive month in strict shielding isolation I find myself getting angry. Anger which is inspired by those I see through the black glass of a digital portal, my only outlet to the world beyond. As the world slowly unfurls like a rose in the light of the sun, restrictions relaxing it pains me when I see the people I love embrace those who I in turn long to hold. Jealously eats away at me, making what should be celebrated feel like a curse as we await our turn to bask in the world beyond the walls of our home. I try not to acknowledge it, but the longer I hold it in, the more blinded I become by an irrational, and undeserved anger.

“Never write a letter while you are angry.”

Chinese Proverb

While it is perhaps sound advice to never write a letter or email when you are angry I feel like this advice should not pertain to writing in general. 

Anger is one of the emotions which has fuelled a great deal of my writing, especially my poetry, but rather than it being a reflection of how I feel, I see each angry poem as a marker in time. A fleeting thought or feeling which has has helped me process the underlying emotions which have led me to the moment captured within each verse and line.

I do not write to offend others with my anger, but to displace myself from emotions which would otherwise eat away at me and in so doing transcend the painful catalyst that holds no reality. 

Write in anger, write in sadness; in joy, in love and lust. Write the thoughts and feelings that shock you and in doing so move on. As you write find truths upon which speaker and poet can often disagree.



Cinquain – Lost Again

Once lost,

is it your wish

to be found once again?

Better to find yourself and start



Fallin, Stirling (November 2008) ©DSCoremans

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