Villanelle – Run the Race

Senryu – Away

If I run away

from you, will you look for me

or watch me vanish.


Villanelle – Run the Race

I walk the race at a steady pace;

I am always last to finish,

but at least I get to run the race.

I have tried so hard to find my place

where my shine will not diminish,

but I must walk the race at a steady pace.

There are few problems I will not face,

though some I do so through a grimace

but at least I get to run the race.

My lifestyle is far from that of grace;

my mind in the city, my body in the village,

where I must walk the race at a steady pace.

Is this a competition or a chase,

either way I’m not the quickest

but at least I get to run the race.

I must watch on as the winner is praised

and picture myself within this image;

but I must walk the race at a steady pace,

thankful at least that I may run this race.


Cinquain – Thankful


at least I am

thankful for all I have;

even at the time I find I

want more.


Author’s Note:

I wrote the Villanelle ‘Run the Race’ in April of this year, having just recently completed my second year of University I was still reeling from the intense period of time which the end of semester assessments brought.

It took me a few months to readjust after wrapping my second year up, but the lasting emotion I have taken from the year is one of thanks. 

Initially I was hard on myself. Not doing as well as I had wanted to, not being as good as I had wanted to be, the passes and confirmation that I’d be moving on to third year were irrelevant to the irrational voice who dripped those poisonous words into my ear like Claudius upon the ear of the Old King. 

“You Are Not Good Enough.”

Irrational Darren

That old mantra which had so often bested me in the past, was not the raucous roar it had once been. Replaced instead by a faint echo, the words no longer seemed to fit.

As I reflected on a year of socially distant learning, I realised that I had taken part. I had done all that I could, and where I had struggled, I had also learned and would keep on doing so. Yes, there are times this year where things have felt impossible, but now on the other side I was proof, that I was not only good enough, but better than I had been when I started. I was evidence that the words of my irrational mind held no power or reality.

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”

John Bingham

There are times where all I want to do is run away. It is at these times that I find myself standing still. Stagnating. Spinning round in circles, and doubling back on where I have been. I push myself ever on because I must, but often make the mistake of believing that one foot in front of the other is carrying me forward, to a destination unknown, when in fact, my destination has always been home. Home. That stable base that waits for me, even when I do not have the time to wait for it.

Life is not a race, nor a competition. It is a journey which must be balanced and blessed. Too often we see ourselves as ships dragging our external influences behind us like an anchor. Sometimes we have to abandon the vessel we thought would carry us forward in favour of the life raft that carries us to somewhere unknown, with only the basic provisions accounted for.

Landing upon shores unknown we may always be able to begin again, but in trying to be part of a crew we do not belong to we end up trying to find our place somewhere that we do not belong. We may be able to take part for a while, but eventually we must accept that there is more for us where we came from, than where we were hoping to go.



Triolet – Do Not Ask

Do not ask me

to run away.

I want to be free.

Do not ask me

to stand like a tree

when I want to stray.

Do not ask me

to run away.


Near Lockerbie, Scotland (June 2010) ©DSCoremans

Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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