Villanelle – We Say Goodbye

Triolet – Love Goes On

Our love goes on

eternally stronger

as the day is long

our love goes on.

It may feel wrong

as days grow longer

but our love goes on,

eternally stronger.


Villanelle – We Say Goodbye

With a heavy heart, we say goodbye

knowing we will see you once more.

For now, for you, we pray and we cry.

In time, our eyes will slowly dry

and in memory alone we will adore

you; with a heavy heart we say goodbye.

We remain to trial together and try,

for you, your journey is no longer a chore

for now, for you, we pray and we cry.

To say this will not hurt would be a lie

our grief can’t be contained behind a door

and so, with a heavy heart we say goodbye.

For some the only question left is ‘why?’

But the reasons of divines we can’t implore;

so, for now, for you, we pray and we cry.

The hurt will heal, if we don’t try to deny

the pain we feel, shared with friends restores;

while with a heavy heart we must say goodbye

…for now, for you, we pray and we cry.


Cinquain – Reach

Reach out

when you need us,

we may feel far away;

but know that we are always here

with you.


Author’s Note

I write today for a friend. Today, they gather in love to say a final farewell to their father, whose journey now goes on in spirit alone.

There are no words that I could say, or that they will hear in the coming weeks and months that will alleviate their pain. The loss of a parent is beyond measure.

“To lose your father is to lose the one whose guidance and help you seek, who supports you like a tree trunk supports its branches.” 

Yann Martel, Life of Pi.
Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash

Having lost a parent myself I know how profound the pain will be, how it will change the way you feel about the simplest things, how it will change you as a person. 

The only advice I can offer is to love and depend as often as you can. Sometimes you will need to surround yourself in silence to hear the voice within yourself adjust to your new reality, sometimes the silence can deafening and it is then that you must reach out and embrace those you love, and who love you in return.

Even during times such as this, when the distance that separates us all seems insurmountable, the love we share connects us in a way that cannot be severed. Love is eternal and enduring and it will carry you when you find your own strength wane.

Give yourself time and do not feel guilty when you need to withdraw, just remember that outside your shell there is a world full of life and love that you are still part of, when you are ready.

I offer you my love eternally my friend. Let it be with you even when I am not.

Senryu – Goodbye

As we say goodbye,

we are faced with tomorrow

without your presence.


Near Callander, Scotland (May 2008) ©TESyme
(This picture was taken by my mother, Thilda, while on a family picnic in 2008.)

Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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