February Musings – Broken

I feel broken, yet I’m not really sure why…nothing has changed. I have come to learn. Something that others have known far longer. I need time to grieve, for someone long since gone from my own life. I am full of sorrow for someone whose journey has ended, far too young, and I must face... Continue Reading →

Personal Blog – Out Of Sync

For a while, I have been trying, to find within me some semblance of synchronicity and balance. After months of an unintended and sedentary lifestyle my mind feels like it has begun to atrophy along with my body. Now it is September and I must begin to prepare for my return to University after five... Continue Reading →

Blog Post: Writer’s Block

There are few things more disheartening to a writer than acknowledging and admitting that they are experiencing writer’s block. Yet, this is where I find myself. Once again I am staring at a screen trying to find words to tell a story that I know every minute detail of. Trying though to put the words... Continue Reading →


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