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Sunday 24 October 2021

Use the pictures and/or today’s mood prompt as inspiration for a poem or story:


(You don’t need to use the actual mood word in your work, just try to capture the theme or emotion created by the word.)

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Triolet – Trust Me

I betrayed your trust

before I got to know you.

Doing all that I must,

I betrayed your trust.

Rich soil turned to dust

from which nothing grew.

I betrayed your trust

before I got to know you.


Cinquain – Trust

Trust me;

I would not say

something I do not mean.

With my hand on my heart I say:

Trust me.


The Month of Mood – October 2021

This months prompts are all about emotion.
When September is a month of transition and change. October should be a month in which we are active and achieving, but not at the expense of the things we want and the things we feel.

The month of mood is a creative space and time to think and reflect, to consider your emotions and the places they come from. Whether by writing poetry or short-fiction, painting or creating music find a way to expressively explore the themes of the moods and emotions explored on the daily writing prompts shared at 7:30am each morning.

As always, share when you can and when you feel inspired.

Mood Wheel – Pinterest

The Month of Mood was inspired by an interesting Pinterest pin, which I’ve linked to here.

Sonnet – Betrayed

I had no intention
…to betray you;
to take from you,
your power
or your choice.
To mute your words
…or take away your voice.
To remove you

from everything you knew.

You waited
…until my learning was through;
in each little victory
you rejoiced
and I changed,
…but you were never annoyed

when I walked across every line I drew.

As I became more like me
…every day;

I forgot to give my time to you.

When I returned,
…I found that you were gone.

You only existed in memory;
changed by choices and all that we outgrew.

Until my return.
Now in reverie.


Photo by Farzan Lelinwalla on Unsplash

Diamante – Trust/Betrayed

honest, content,
lasting, grounding, enduring,
taken to the grave. A grave mistake;
breaking, ruining, upsetting,
concerned, hopeless.


Author’s Note:

This very literal interpretation of the ‘betrayal’ prompt is a sort of letter to ones former self. The betrayal which is the theme through all of these poems is part of the larger metaphor of betraying things you once wanted to do and be in order to be the version of yourself you have become.

Not a real betrayal because we cannot be all of the things we wanted to be; or, do all of the things we wanted to do. The things we ultimately make time for are the things which are the most important to us. Sometimes we have to let go of things we genuinely enjoy, to invest that time in something that requires more effort.

“The most common form of despair is not being who you are.”

Søren Kierkegaard

I often feel an obsessive need to stick to writing form poetry, sticking quite closely to the rules and structure which is traditionally associated with these forms.

I have long wanted to play around with the slightly more abstract structural poetic forms. The Sonnet – Betrayed still conforms to the strict rhyme scheme and metric requirements of a traditional Petrarchan Sonnet, however the two quatrains and final sestet are broken from their usual 4-4-6 and scattered. This mix of hard form and soft structure creates a really interesting narrative tone to the finished poem which draws toward that nostalgic ‘reverie’ of the final line; which I think creates a sombre tone to the speaker which softens the harsh language.

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Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Fib – Betrayed

still ask
for my trust
if I have betrayed
the person
…that you think you know.


Haiku – Kill the Weeds

In the fresh clean soil
my roots have claimed
…as their home;

spill your poison.


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Stirling, Scotland (December 2018) ©DSCoremans

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